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09 Dec 2020
Resize images for web

How to optimise images for web

Optimising images is very important for the speed of your website. The faster your website loads or shows the page contents, the better performance it has. What should I consider when I’m uploading an image on my web? Before uploading an image on your website, you should check the dimensions and the file size in […]

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30 Nov 2020
Julia Ferrari Web Design

How I started my own business

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a while, to describe my experience of starting a business. I rely on it often, to help many clients who are on their first steps of starting a new business. Running an online business is much more than having a website. Why I started my […]

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22 Nov 2020
Julia Ferrari

Choosing the right platform for your online course

Many things have changed with the pandemic, and one of them is learning new skills through online courses. Many people started creating online courses, but this can be a bit overwhelming. As a web designer, I had been contacted by many clients to help set up their courses. One of the most frequent questions was […]

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03 Nov 2020
WordPress plugins

Top 5 FREE WordPress plugins for 2020

One of the amazing things about using WordPress is that you can always add functionalities to your website using WordPress plugins and many of them are free! What are WordPress plugins? These are apps that can be added to your WordPress website to add specific functionalities. In this article I will recommend some of the […]

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23 Oct 2020
WordPress themes

Why picking the right WordPress theme is so important

Choosing the right layout for your website is essential, especially if you are not a web expert. The right theme can save you a lot of time and money (and unnecessary fixes in the future). If you’re just starting to think about your WordPress website – then I strongly recommend you think carefully about choosing […]

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19 Oct 2020

How ‘Elementor’ can simplify your life

Last year Elementor became very popular and made life a lot easier for many many WordPress users. Elementor is a Front End page builder plugin. Front End means that you can see the page whilst you are editing and there is no need to understand or implement coding to edit the page. This means as […]

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02 Oct 2020
WordPress 5.5.1 Dashboard


Many freelancers and small business entrepreneurs often ask me what the best CMS is (content management system) for their website. For small business websites, one of the most important considerations is budget. The 3 most popular content management systems are Squarespace, Wix and WordPress. The main advantage of WordPress is that it’s almost free; you […]

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15 Oct 2019

How to start a website

If you are starting a business selling a product or service, it is very important to have an online presence. A presence on social media and Instagram helps a lot, but you still need a website were your consumers can get information on your products/services. If you want to build a website and don’t know […]

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